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Flourishing in the Third Third of Life Course

By Mark D. Roberts

Faithful. Fruitful. Flourishing. What if those three words could describe the third third of your life? Anchored in Scripture and enriched by science and other disciplines, Flourishing in the Third Third of Life is a video-based course produced by the Max De Pree Center for Leadership. This course will equip individuals in and near retirement age to live faithfully and fruitfully and experience abundant and purposeful life.

Designed for groups and classes, but suitable for individual use as well, each session consists of a video lecture, questions for small group discussion, and resources for individual study and devotions.


Course Overview

Session 1 | Flourishing
Session 2 | Relationships
Session 3 | Health
Session 4 | Remembering & Gratitude
Session 5 | Purpose & Calling
Session 6 | New Narratives

The lectures in this course are given by Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Senior Strategist at the De Pree Center.

Product Details

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Leader's Kit

To facilitate the course for a group or to take it by yourself, you will need the Leader's Kit, which includes the following:

Video Lectures

Includes six 20-30 minute video lectures that will help you to live faithfully and fruitfully and experience abundant and purposeful life in this season.

Digital Participant's Workbook

Includes lecture outlines, small group questions, and personal study questions.

Leader's Guide

Includes an overview of the course, tips for leading small groups, and access to supplementary resources to teach you to lead the course effectively for a small group.

Materials to Promote the Course

Includes graphics and marketing language to help promote the course to your church, small group, or company.

All materials in the Leader's Kit are digital, not physical products.


We've been making some changes to the Flourishing in the Third Third of Life products. Here are some of the updates:

Participant's Workbook - We've shortened the workbook, and it's now available in print and digital formats. But don't worry! Everything we removed from the workbook is still available. Participants can access the additional materials via a password-protected website.

Purchase Options - We have several ways to buy course materials and workbooks. Some of the purchase pages on Fuller Equip's site are still under construction. Please contact us if you encounter any difficulties purchasing the materials.

Purchasing Options

FITTOL Product Cover Workbook

Leader's Kit Options

Leader's Kit for Individuals

Taking the course by yourself or with
one (1) relative or friend?

Price: $70

*The Kit for Individuals gives 1-2 people access to all course materials.

Leader's Kit for Groups

Leading the course for a group of three (3) or more?

Price: starts at $130*

*Price varies depending on the size of your group.

Paperback Version of the Participant's Workbook

We also offer a printed paperback version of the Participant's Workbook for those who prefer a print over digital workbook.

Printed Participant's Workbook

Price: $16.99

Amazon return/refund policy: All sales are final. Once you make a purchase, you will not be able to return the item for a replacement or refund.

Purchase the Video Lectures and/or Digital Participant's Workbooks Separately

You can purchase the Video Lectures (includes everything in the Leader's Kit except the Participant's Workbook) and/or digital copies of the Participant's Workbooks separately (a la carte). In other words, they are not bundled together in the Leader's Kit for Groups or Individuals.

What People Are Saying About This Course

"It is the most rewarding class you can take.  One of the reasons it is so rewarding is because it causes you to look at your life in a more positive way and gives you purpose for your life. - BH (woman in her 60s)

“The Flourishing in the Third Third course focuses on purposeful living as we age and offers practical ways to think about and plan for our participation in this stage of life. The Flourishing class led me to see new ways I can be part of God’s plan now. It helped me think more deeply about my choices in this stage of life.”  N.S. (woman in her 70s)

“The Third Third Course is unique, with its strong foundation of Scripture coupled with extensive research and supporting data.  This allows for the practical application of the principles learned to our third third lives.”  J.S. (man in his 60s)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions). If you're having problems with the Fuller Equip store, please contact Fuller Equip by clicking here.

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