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Flourishing in the Third Third of Life
Frequenty Asked Questions

What are people saying about this course?
The following testimonials come from individuals who participated in a beta version of the course.

"The Flourishing in the Third Third course focuses on purposeful living as we age and offers practical ways to think about and plan for our participation in this stage of life. The Flourishing class led me to see new ways I can be part of God's plan now. It helped me think more deeply about my choices in this stage of life."  N.S. (woman in her 70s)

“The Third Third Course is unique, with its strong foundation of Scripture coupled with extensive research and supporting data.  This allows for the practical application of the principles learned to our third third lives."  J.S. (man in his 60s)

"Flourishing in the Third Third of Life is such a gift to us third thirders.  Countering the typical negative cultural narrative of aging, the course gives us a biblical vision, supported by research, of a way for us to live during these years that honors God, blesses others, and brings joy and satisfaction to our lives."  S.M. (man in his late 60s)

"I loved every week of class. But the week on Remembering and Gratitude was especially meaningful to me. Thanks so much!"  M.C. (woman in her late 50s)

Once you have finished the course, please send us your feedback (connect@depree.org) or fill out our evaluation form. Your affirmations encourage us, and your critiques will help us continue to improve the course.

How can I know that the content of this course is trustworthy?

This course was developed by Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Senior Strategist for the De Pree Center and the Founder of our Flourishing in the Third Third of Life Initiative. Mark has a Ph.D. in New Testament from Harvard and has taught at Fuller for over 20 years. He has written eight books and dozens of articles. Mark served as a pastor for 25 years, during which time he had lots of engagement with folks in the third third of life. In the last seven years, Mark has worked at Fuller as the Executive Director of the De Pree Center and now as a Senior Strategist so he can focus on our Third Third Initiative. He happens to be in the third third himself.

Through his leadership of the Third Third Initiative, Mark has carefully studied scholarly research related to the third third in fields such as gerontology, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. He's combined what he has learned with careful theological reflection to develop this course and several other resources designed to help individuals in the third third of life flourish and to live fully and fruitfully by God's grace and for God's glory.

What does this course cost?

If you are buying this course for a group (3 or more), you’ll need:

• The Leader's Kit for Groups (price starts at $130.00, and increases depending on the size of your group)

If you’re buying this course for yourself (can share with up to one additional person), you’ll need:

• The Leader's Kit for Individuals ($70.00)

What if my group or organization cannot afford the cost of the course and/or the workbooks?

Scholarships are available for those needing financial assistance. Please contact the De Pree Center at connect@depree.org.

How do I purchase this course?

You will purchase the course materials from the Fuller Equip store. If you click on the Leader's Kit for Groups or Leader's Kit for Individuals links, you'll be taken to the online store.

If I purchase the Leader's Kit for Groups to host the course for a group, will I be able to host the course again without additional cost?

Yes. Once you own the Leader's Kit for Groups, you'll have unlimited access to the course videos and a license to show those videos as often as you wish. The only cost in the future will be the standard workbook charge ($8.99 for digital or $16.99 for printed) for each individual participant.

What if I'm having problems with the Fuller Equip store?

If you're having problems with the Fuller Equip store, please contact Fuller Equip by clicking here.

What if I have additional questions about the course?

Please email us at the De Pree Center.

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