A Course By Scott Cormode

The church as we know it is calibrated for a world that no longer exists. The world has changed and we are out of step with the questions that animate our people. So, we will need to recalibrate – and that will take innovation. But there is a problem. The secular literature on innovation tells us that the best way to innovate is to abandon the past. “Burn the boats,” they say, “Cut the ties.” But we Christians cannot abandon the past. We will never stop reading Second Corinthians and we will never stop saying, “Jesus is Lord.” We cannot abandon the past.

So the question of innovation is this, “How do we maintain a rock-solid commitment to the unchanging Christian gospel, while at the same time create innovative ways to express that gospel to an ever-changing world?”


Training Schedule

If you are part of a church team using this training to prepare for an Innovation Summit hosted by Fuller Seminary, the 6-week schedule is as follows. Use the links below to find each Module.

  1. Week 1: Module 1
    Prior to meeting for Module 2, we invite you to read the following chapter from a forthcoming book called, A Shared Story of Future Hope: Innovative Congregations and Agile Leaders.  If you are short on time, simply read pages 1-10 and pages 16 & 17.  That should take you between half-an-hour and an hour. Please use the link in the opening paragraphs of Module 2.
  2. Week 2: Listening Project
    Each person on your team will do this separately. There is no need to meet in person this week.
  3. Week 3: Module 2
    In order to help us tailor the summit to your team’s needs, you will be asked to submit a “Listening Report” by the time you meet for Module 3 next week.
  4. Week 4: Module 3
  5. Week 5: Module 4
  6. Week 6: Module 5
    This module is an optional review of Modules 1-4.

Explore the Modules

Module 1

Transformative Listening

This initial listening exercise is designed to put you in touch with what we will call “Transformative Listening.”  The purpose of this assignment is to engage in the kind of listening that will change the listener.

Module 2

What is Innovation?

This module will focus on what we mean by innovation and on how it will help us address the longings and losses you heard when you listened to the people entrusted to your care.

Module 3

Christian Practices

In this module, you will learn about practices and examples of practices. That will prepare you for our gathered summit where you will brainstorm about ways that Christian practices can help you respond to the people entrusted to your care.

Module 4

The Innovation Process

This module will cover what the process will be like when we gather. We have constructed a process that draws on the Christian practice of discernment, it learns from Practical Theology, and it builds off of insights about how Silicon Valley innovates.

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Module 5


This last module is optional and is intended as final summit preparation. Our goal is to help you review and solidify your learning from Modules 1-4 so you are ready to implement the innovation process during the summit.

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