Episode 11: How to Work When You’re Working From Home

March 10, 2020 • Making It Work Podcast

The “Making it Work” Podcast

Featuring Ian Jackson
Hosted by Leah Archibald and Mark Roberts

With the advent of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, many workers find themselves suddenly working from home. If that’s you, you’re probably facing a lot of new questions. Like, “How do I set a schedule for myself? How do I feel productive when productivity isn’t necessarily pegged to a certain number of hours in the office? How do I keep from going stir crazy? And if you have kids at home, how do you do any of this and make it work?”

Ian Jackson, is an expert in thinking outside the box, regarding organizational behavior. He’s made his career facilitating team building and leadership training programs for the last decade at Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education. And he just recently started working from home himself, earlier than the rest of us did. Ian Jackson is the Principal of Building Bridges Leadership where he teaches on topics such as managing remote teams, and you can find his work at buildingbridgesleadership.com.

Podcast Episode originally hosted HERE by the Theology of Work.

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