Episode 16: Make Room for Your Whole Self

October 20, 2020 • Making It Work Podcast

The “Making it Work” Podcast

Featuring Clarissa Middleton
Hosted by Leah Archibald and Mark Roberts

The job you have today is determined by many factors, some of your choosing and some beyond your control. Your upbringing, your educational opportunities, and the economy at the time you start working all play a part in the work you do today. At the other end of the spectrum, your innate gifts, your passion, and your personality all have a lot to say about whether you’ll find joy in a particular job, or whether you’ll end up feeling bored and stifled. If you can’t bear the thought of going to work one day longer, it may be time to re-examine the unique factors that make you you, and determine whether your current work makes space for all of your God-given parts to flourish.

Podcast Episode originally hosted HERE by the Theology of Work.

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