Episode 41: The Gift of Knowing Your Audience

February 8, 2022 • Making It Work Podcast

The “Making it Work” Podcast

Featuring Patricia Raybon
Hosted by Leah Archibald and Mark Roberts

Who does your work serve? Getting to know your audience helps you serve them better and helps you grow in God’s love. Guest Patricia Raybon is a professional journalist who has spoken to a wide variety of audiences. Throughout her career, she’s published in magazines such as USA Today and Newsweek and delivered critically-acclaimed works of non-fiction. But Patricia has recently learned to communicate in a new way with her first work of fiction, a murder mystery set in 1920s America. Her new book, All That Is Secret, was selected by Parade Magazine as a Mysteries We Love selection for Fall 2021, and by Masterpiece on PBS among Best Mystery Books of 2021 As Recommended by Best-selling Authors. With All That Is Secret, Patricia opens a new phase in her career that hinges on truly getting to know and understand her audience.

Podcast Episode originally hosted HERE by the Theology of Work.

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