So what does faith and work integration look like in the flesh? Be encouraged and challenged by the stories of these real people pursuing this integration in their own lives.

A Long Obedience

A Short Film by Gary Ginter.

Gary Ginter and his wife, Joanna, chose a life of “downward mobility,” giving away much of their wealth and living and worshiping in inner-city Chicago.

Faith At a $700 Billion Company

Ron Johnson and John Brandon, both recruited to senior level positions by Jobs, share some surprising insights about implementing principles of faith and love at Apple.

Format: Short Film

Film, Joy: Path to Being an Entpreneaur Not Always Joyous

Luke Bobo writes that teamwork, imagination, betrayal, persistence, self-advocacy, and Humiliation are all one step forward and multiple steps backwards. “May we as a church take time to listen to the ideas and dreams of others and be a real help to those who have real potential to be entrepreneurs. Think about the benefits of encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs.”

Format: Article