52 Workday Prayers, Part 1:
Learn from the Psalms How to Pray Through Your Work

Written By Mark D. Roberts, Ph.D.

The Psalms can teach you to pray in new ways as you work.

Perhaps one of the most striking things about the biblical psalms is their extraordinary variety. Some psalms burst forth with thunderous praise. Others approach God with utter silence. Some psalms celebrate God’s faithful love for us. Others cry out in deep pain and disappointment. Through the Psalms, God invites us to open our minds and hearts fully, to pray, holding nothing back.

Among other things, the Psalms teach us to pray about our work. After all, to our work (both paid and unpaid) we devote a vast proportion of our time, thought, energy, and emotion. If work is such a major part of our lives, and if the Psalms teach us to pray in every way and about everything, then surely, they can help us pray about work.

52 Workday Prayers: Part 1 was written by Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Senior Strategist at the De Pree Center. Before coming to the De Pree Center, Mark was a pastor, retreat director, and non-profit leader. With a Ph.D. from Harvard, he has been an adjunct seminary professor. Mark has written eight books and is the chief writer of the De Pree Center’s Life for Leaders, daily devotional. Mark loves to help folks dig deeply into Scripture, making connections to the challenges and hopes of their lives while discovering the miracle of God’s grace. You can learn more about Mark here.

This devotional is the first part of a series. Click here to learn more about 52 Workday Prayers, Part 2.

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  • In a group: You may choose to go through one prayer at a time in your small group, pick prayers relevant to what people in your group are currently experiencing, or read a prayer to enrich your adult class.

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