Devotions for Christmas:
Reflections on the Incarnation of Jesus

Written By Mark D. Roberts, Ph.D.

Cover Art: Nativity by He Qi Used by Permission of the Artist – Heqiart.com

What does it mean that Christ took on flesh and dwelt among us?

Christmas is about Christ. Particularly, Christmas is about the birth of Christ and his coming into the world, taking on human flesh. In this season, we remember God becoming incarnate, embodied. While we often look at the gospels for Christmas stories (and rightly so!), Mark Roberts chooses here to consider passages that really dig deep into Christ’s becoming human and taking on a body. Philippians and Hebrews may not be what come to mind when many of us think of the story of Christmas, but they really offer us much when it comes to thinking about what it means that Christ took on flesh and dwelt among us. We invite you on this journey with us, and we hope that the reflections here are a helpful reminder of what this season truly means.

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  • 67 pages and 8-devotions, each which includes Scripture reflection on the passage, reflection questions, and guided prayer. This devotional guide is based on Romans 12, Philippians 2, and Hebrews 2 in the New Testament.
Topics include:
  • Offer Your Body to God
  • An Unexpected Christmas Story
  • Heeding the Summons of Christmas
  • Anticipating the Future in our Christmas Praise
  • Why the Humanity of Jesus Matters So Much
  • Jesus is Able to Help You
  • Jesus Understands Your Struggles
  • Be Bold Like the Magi

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