Leadership Vows:
What Can People Expect From You?

Written By Uli Chi

“What promises are you making?”

It’s one of Max De Pree’s favorite questions of leaders. What can people expect from you? I must admit it’s easy to focus my expectations on others, rather than on myself. For that reason alone, Max’s question is worth asking regularly. Even when we examine ourselves, it’s easy to think of accountability merely in terms of the results for which we are responsible. Results are important, of course. But the greater challenge lies in looking within ourselves. What are we promising about the kind of leaders we will be?

The devotions in this guide, which are based on the De Pree Center’s Life for Leaders devotionals and written by Contributing Writer, Uli Chi, considers these questions. He explores how leadership vows are means for us to express our most solemn promises and our desire for accountability. This Life for Leaders devotional guide will help you consider how leadership vows will impact your work, faith, and life.

About the Author

Becoming Lead Servants was written by Uli Chi.

Dr. Uli Chi has spent his life practicing leadership in the intersection of for profit and non-profit businesses, the theological academy, and the local church. He is an award-winning technological entrepreneur, who founded a software company that develops 3-D virtual reality software that simplifies complex decision making for consumers and businesses. He is a sought-after advisor to senior executives and serves in board governance at multiple non-profits. Uli currently serves as Board Chair of the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health System in the Pacific Northwest, and Vice Chair of the De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. Uli has also served as Chair of Regent College’s Board of Governors, and Chair of the Executive Committee for the Center for Integrity in Business at Seattle Pacific University. For the last forty years, he has served leaders in a wide variety of roles in his local Presbyterian congregation.

He is currently a Senior Fellow at the De Pree Center for Leadership and regularly contributes to its Life for Leaders daily devotional blog. He is also part of the teaching faculty for Regent College’s Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology and Society.

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