Leading and Following Together:
A Guide for Devotions and Small Groups

Written By Mark D. Roberts, Ph.D.

In today’s world, we need a new way of leading . . . and of following.

All around us we see people grabbing for power, seeking to dominate others, to win at all costs. But how is this working for us? How are we doing these days in our cities and churches, in our families and countries?

Scripture holds up a different model of leadership, one in which both leadership and followership are shared in community. This five-part guide – ideal for small group study and conversation as well as personal devotions – is the perfect resource for any leader looking to lead in a new way, building up rather than tearing down, uniting rather than dividing, sharing rather than dominating.

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What’s Inside?

Easily printable format (8.5″x11″ portrait)
40 pages and 5-devotions each which includes Scripture reflection on the passage, reflection questions, and practical suggestions to integrate into your life. This guide is based on a close reading of Ephesians 5:21 in the New Testament.

Topics include:

• A Disruptive Direction
• What Does It Mean to Submit to One Another?
• How Is It Even Possible for Us to Submit to One Another?
• Moving from Submission to Service
• Reverence and Submission

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