Stations of the Cross:
A Devotional Guide for Lent and Holy Week

Written By Mark D. Roberts, Ph.D.

Follow the Stations of the Cross for a renewed experience of the Lenten season

The Stations of the Cross, also known as The Way of the Cross, or Via Crucis (Latin, way of the cross) or Via Dolorosa (Latin, way of grief), are often a series of scenes that depict the passion of Christ, and help us reflect with more intensity and emotion the events and meaning of Jesus’s death. This devotional guide invites you to come, to read Scripture, to reflect, to pray, and to draw near to the Lord in anticipation of Good Friday and Easter.

Our hope is that this written version of The Way of the Cross will enable you to enter into a deeper understanding and experience of the passion of Jesus, so that you might be ready to celebrate Easter with new joy and freedom.

About the Author

Stations of the Cross was written by Dr. Mark D. Roberts, Senior Strategist at the De Pree Center. Before coming to the De Pree Center, Mark was a pastor, retreat director, and non-profit leader. With a Ph.D. from Harvard, he has been an adjunct seminary professor. Mark has written eight books and is the chief writer of the De Pree Center’s Life for Leaders, daily devotional. Mark loves to help folks dig deeply into Scripture, making connections to the challenges and hopes of their lives while discovering the miracle of God’s grace. You can learn more about Mark here.

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What’s Inside?

  • Easily printable format (8.5″x11″ portrait)
  • 15 devotions (14 for the days/weeks leading up to Easter and one for Easter Sunday) based on the Stations of the Cross, or reminders of Jesus’s last hours. The devotions include scripture, reflection, and prayers.
This devotional can be used in a variety of ways:
  • Lenten Devotional: You may want to let it guide your devotions throughout Lent by focusing on a couple of devotions each week, with an additional two in Holy Week. (There are six weeks in Lent.) Alternatively, you might save the guide for the last two weeks of Lent, including Holy Week. If you begin on the Sunday two weeks before Easter, you’ll have one devotion for each day, ending on Holy Saturday.
  • Holy Week Devotional: Another way to use this guide is as a Holy Week devotional. If you begin on the Sunday before Easter (Palm Sunday), you can use two devotions each day, perhaps one in the morning and one in the evening.

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