Laura Boggess

Former Content Editor and Contributor to The High Calling
An empty-nester, Laura Boggess is still learning what it means to come to Jesus like a little child. The older she gets, the more she realizes how little she knows. She wrote a book called Playdates with God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World, about how a life of faith can be full of wonder. Laura has an M.A. in clinical psychology and works at a medical rehabilitation center counseling individuals and families who are going through traumatic medical diagnoses. A Lay Preacher, Laura loves to share the Word of God in the little country churches tucked into the hills surrounding her home. Laura is a former Content Editor and contributor to The High Calling. She blogs at LauraBoggess.com, where she shares stories about chasing after the blue flower. Laura lives in a little valley in West Virginia with her husband, Jeff, and writes letters to her two sons off at college. Connect with Laura on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.