Matthew Kaemingk

Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics
Fuller Theological Seminary

Twitter: @matthewkaemingk


Rev. Dr. Matthew Kaemingk has been writing and speaking on faith, work, and ministry for over a decade. His current book project Work and Worship aims to equip both pastors and professionals with the theological resources and spiritual practices they need to reconnect their Sundays and Mondays in deep and meaningful ways.  Matthew serves as an Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary. Previously Matthew served as the founding director of an innovative faith and work discipleship program in Seattle, WA. The initiative provided whole churches with a transformative vocational education on career and calling. Matthew’s academic training is in public theology and ethics. He earned his MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary​ and doctoral degrees in theology, ethics, and culture from​ Fuller Theological Seminary and the Free University of Amsterdam. Matthew is also an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church of North America.