Research Roundtable: The Leaders We Long to Be

March 6, 2024

Research Roundtable: The Leaders We Long to Be

Introducing Research Roundtables, hour-long conversations on Zoom in which we will share some of our research findings and hear how they resonate with you. In our upcoming Research Roundtables, Michaela and Meryl will facilitate a dialogue on some key learnings from their Healthy Marketplace Leaders research. (Note: These conversations will be recorded so that we can continue to learn from what is shared. However, we will not make the recordings public.)

Registration will be limited to 15 participants per session (we encourage you to only sign up for one session in order to allow for more participants).

Session One:
Topic: Relational and Results-Oriented Leaders
Date: Thursday, May 19
Time: 9:00-10:00am PT

Session Two:
Topic: Maintaining Your Orienting Framework Amidst the Challenges of Leadership
Date: Wednesday, May 25
Time: 9:00-10:00am PT

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