Healthy Marketplace Leaders Research

Phase 1

In January and February of 2022, the De Pree Center hosted 18 focus groups. We listened to nearly 100 Christian leaders working across a variety of industries share their perspectives on healthy, faithful, and fruitful marketplace leaders. As we analyzed the data, we uncovered 11 characteristics of these sorts of leaders--the leaders we long to be.

Phase 2

In August and September of 2022, the De Pree Center sought nominations of Christian marketplace leaders who exemplified the 11 characteristics identified in the first phase of our research. We interviewed 34 individuals from a wide variety of industries to learn more about them, including what contributed to their formation as healthy marketplace leaders. We're currently analyzing the data and hope to share some of the results in 2023.

Research to Resources

At the De Pree Center, we aim to turn the findings from our research into resources for real life. We have been prototyping and testing some resources related to this work. One such resource is our Go the Distance cohort.