Road Ahead Group Commitments

For Participants in Road Ahead DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Cohorts

In an atmosphere of grace, kindness, and gentleness…

And in order to create a safe and respectful space for relational learning through
reflection and spiritual practice, I commit to:

  • Listening actively – respecting others when they are talking.
  • Speak from my own experience instead of generalizing (“I” instead of “they,” “we,” and “you”).
  • Do not be afraid to respectfully challenge one another by asking questions, but refrain from personal attacks – focus on ideas.
  • Participating to the fullest of my ability, since community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice.
  • Instead of invalidating somebody else’s story with your own spin on their experience, share your own story and experience.
  • The goal is not always to agree – it is to gain a deeper understanding.
  • Being as conscious of what I convey via my body language and nonverbal responses as I am with my words – seeking to be sensitive to others.

What else would you include?

I am willing to be called to account on this commitment.