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Webinar: Why Mentoring Children Matters

Why should we care about mentoring children? When adults mentor children, everybody wins. Children do better in school, in relationships, and in all of life.

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A father holding his toddler on his shoulders

Receiving the Kingdom as a Child

When we admit our utter dependence on God and then choose to depend on God completely, we receive the gift of God’s reign in and over our lives.

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The Kingdom of God Belongs to Children

Our churches will reflect and embody God’s kingdom when we are truly inclusive of children and others who are so easily and often excluded.

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A father holding a child up in the air

Let the Children Come to Me

This story reminds us to be people who bring children to Jesus rather than those who stand in the way.

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A puzzled-looking man with his hat on backwards

Missing Jesus by a Mile

When we acknowledge that we might also miss Jesus by a mile sometimes, this reminds us to be humble and to rely on God for spiritual guidance in all things.

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