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Relationships and “The Good Life”

“If you had to make one life choice, right now, to set yourself on the path to future health and happiness, what would it be?”

So, how would you answer that question? What one choice could you make right now that would point you in the direction of a fruitful and fulfilling life?

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A person wandering through a jungle on a path

Allegro Part 2—God’s Wonder Wandering

God knows all, and like most fathers and mothers he knows where his children are.

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A lush green jungle

Allegro Part 1—God’s Wonder Wandering

God came to the garden knowing there was a distortion, and He began to bring that broken creation into focus.

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The foot of a newborn baby being held by its parents

The Bible and Your Body: Part 1

Our bodies are part of God’s “very good” creation.

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People walking through the Arc of Stars sculpture on a London street at night

Human Significance, Part 2

Awe in God’s majesty gives us hope and clarity that while things may be dark now, they will not always be.

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A person looking up at a sky full of stars

Human Significance

God can use the vastness of creation to show us that we are valuable to Him.

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