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An old man sitting in a doorway with a cane and a shabby bag

Have Mercy on Me!

When we ask God for mercy, we’re rather like several characters in Luke 18: the desperate widow seeking justice, the tax collector crying out for forgiveness, the babies being carried to Jesus, the rich people who cannot save themselves.

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A young man with a very puzzled expression

Encouraging Denseness

We can be encouraged by the denseness of Jesus’s first disciples as they are portrayed in the biblical gospels.

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A little boy playing in a puddle

When Things are Clear as Mud

Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out God and God’s ways.

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A man and woman embracing on their anniversary

Today This Scripture Has Been Fulfilled

Gifts are given for mission and for ministry, and there is no promise that ministry will be easy.

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A bracelet with a large silver cross

The Body of Christ

The body of Christ needs all gifts to make it function in harmony and witness to the world.

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A father holding a child up in the air

Let the Children Come to Me

This story reminds us to be people who bring children to Jesus rather than those who stand in the way.

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A puzzled-looking man with his hat on backwards

Missing Jesus by a Mile

When we acknowledge that we might also miss Jesus by a mile sometimes, this reminds us to be humble and to rely on God for spiritual guidance in all things.

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A man kneeling on the ground in a woods praying

A Warning to Good People

Sometimes our effort to be “good” backfires.

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A broken down wooden cart in a field

The Parable of the Squeaky Wheel

Sometimes we pray and God answers right away. But often when we pray God seems distressingly unresponsive.

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The painting Singing Round the Star on Twelfth Night by Cornelis Troost

God in Flesh Made Manifest

As we hear the stories of Jesus’s miracles and sermons and journeys and friendships and daily life, let us remember that Jesus comes not only to preach, to teach, and to heal—but also to save.

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A river flowing nosiliy through a forest

The Rivers of Woe

Have faith. The Lord Jesus Christ will be with us in the water, and we will not drown.

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A woman sitting at a table in a library reading the Bible

Words of Eternal Life

When we read and meditate upon the words of Jesus – indeed, upon the words of Scripture – we receive in a fresh way the very life of God.

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A shepherd looking over a flock of sheep

Responding to the Wonder of Christmas:
Part 7 – Glorifying

In your work today, and tomorrow, and the next day, seek to love and glorify the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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An up-close shot of blue sea water

Living the Baptized Life

Being part of the community of the faithful calls us to a new way of life.

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A sunrise over rolling hills

Seeing the Glory

We must be shown God’s glory again: we must encounter it anew and afresh in the face of Jesus Christ; we must repent of our sin and turn and follow him.

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