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A flock of sheep with a shepherd in a valley in the Himalayas

God as the Lead Shepherd

What all did we lose?

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A herd of sheep, with one looking directly at the camera


What does it mean for Christ to be our King? One thing it means is not to behave like the false shepherds of Ezekiel 34.

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A snow-covered road in the mountains.

New Year, New Heart!

I enjoy New Year celebrations. But every now and then it strikes me that, apart from a calendar change, there really isn’t much new about the new year. The economy is still the same. The tensions in the world are still the same. The leaders of the nations are still the same. And, really, I am still the same, other than being a bit tired from staying up to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Newness that matters comes not from the calendar but from God. Through the prophet Ezekiel, God once promised to make his people new.

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