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Episode 64: The Power of Forgiveness at Work

Workplace relationships can shape your job experience for the better or for the worse, when interpersonal hurts or offenses occur at work, they can negatively impact your job performance.

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Forgive Each Other

According to Colossians, when someone bugs us, we’re to put up with them. But when somebody actually sins against us, we’re to forgive.

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A woman in the back of an empty church looking at the altar

The Sunday After Saturday

Taking up our cross, losing our life to save it—these are not fruitless endeavors.

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A priest holding up a monstrance to three worshippers, with the sun reflecting brightly off the monstrance

Living as a Community of Forgiveness

Together, we are to be places in which forgiveness is practiced regularly.

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Reasons to Forgive, Part 2

Why should we forgive people who wrong us?

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Scrabble tiles forming the words "LET IT GO"

Reasons to Forgive, Part 1

Why should we forgive others?

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Workplace Prayers:
When You’ve Done Something Morally Wrong

God will give you a clean heart.

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