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The fifth Station of the Cross where Simon of Cyrene assists Jesus in carrying the cross

Leadership Burdens (Part II)

How might we as leaders learn to carry the burdens of others?

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Sari-clad woman in Mysore, India, balancing a basket of chikoo on her head.

Leadership Burdens (Part I)

How might we as leaders learn to carry our own load?

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man coaching children soccer team

Called to Unexpected Freedom

We tend to think of freedom as freedom from something: freedom from oppression, freedom from taxation without representation, freedom from worry, etc.

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A Christmas wreath on a wall full of many wooden boxes

On the Feast of Stephen

Feast on this second day of Christmas secure in the knowledge that you are a child of God.

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three different people laughing together in a library

The Spiritual Aspect of Leadership, Part 2

In addition to setting spiritual intentions for my days, I also take stock of the resources God has provided me, and I try to move about my day from a place of abundance and gratitude versus lack. When I feel discomforted or disconnected, I resist casting quick judgement before managing my own expectations or gathering more information to make an informed decision about my challenges. Employing the habits of effectiveness in the realm of my spiritual matters has significantly improved the quality of my leadership and my experience of success.

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Someone bullet journaling a list

The Spiritual Aspect of Leadership, Part 1

Early on in my career, as a young professional, a new benchmark for success made itself known to me. I had proven that I was capable of achieving my goals, but I did not always personally feel good during the process or after. The more I matured and accomplished things in the everyday material world, the more I began to realize it’s not just what we do that matters.

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A wrought iron sculpture of a heart with plume and ink next to it.

Love First

Maybe you’ve heard people in your workplace express some version of the adage that says, “I’d rather ask forgiveness than permission.” It’s a witty expression, and it points to a desire to just go ahead and get something done, without having to go through the bureaucratic channels established by an organization.

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From Heartbreak to Healing

I wasn’t sure how the story would be received. But isn’t that the whole idea behind risking our true selves with the world around us? We never know how we’ll be received by onlookers, and often, that keeps us silent when we should speak up. Sometimes, our concern about how our true thoughts, our true beliefs, our true mistakes, our true selves will be received by others keeps us living behind masks that conceal who we really are and how we really feel.

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A wrestling match

Following Jesus as a Wealth Creator: Wrestling with Wealth

I want to tell you a story that illustrates the complexity of following Jesus as westerners. As you’ll see, it doesn’t have a neat and tidy moral, which is exactly the point.

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