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A black and white photo of wo people with their backs to the camera, sitting and talking in a large open stone building


The women were with each other. In the silence. In the waiting. In the grief. In the questions. In your anxiety. In your doubts. In your fears. Find the with-ness of God in the witness of people around you.

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A marble crucifix in a darkened church

Restore Us, Lord, to Yourself! A Devotion for Good Friday

In the book of Lamentations we read a simple prayer: “Restore us to yourself, O LORD, that we may be restored.” This prayer assumes that only God can mend our relationship with God.

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A tree in front of a starlit sky at dusk

Asking the “Why?” Question

The biblical witness gives us the freedom to ask in our time of suffering and uncertainty: “Why, God? Why?”

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Messianic Hope and Deep Disappointment

Beneath the people’s disappointment in their king was an even deeper disappointment in God. The book of Lamentations expresses this disappointment, and in so doing encourages us to be honest when we feel disillusioned by God.

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Being Honest with God in Prayer

Time and again, the Bible invites us to be fully honest with God. No matter what we’re thinking or feeling, we can talk openly to God about it

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Three young women praying together in an outdoor garden

Sharing Your Suffering with Others

There is a sacred connection that happens when we weep with those who weep, and when we allow others to weep with us in our sorrow.

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A priest in beautiful red vestments holding a handful of palms

Ride On, King Jesus (Part 2)

Jesus defeated Caesar’s power, but not by anything so obvious as sending an army against him.

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A palm frond against a gold wall

Ride On, King Jesus (Part 1)

Jesus rightfully reigns over all of creation and all earthly rulers; if one group of his subjects is unable to praise him, another will join in, down to the very stones.

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Very old gravestones in a cemetery

Why the Burial of Jesus Matters

As we reflect on the death and burial of Jesus, we are struck by the amazing love of God for us, even as we are prepared for the celebration of Easter.

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A marble crucifix in shadow

Giving All You Are to God

As we face such uncertain times, as we continue to face challenges that feel overwhelming, we are encouraged to echo the words of Jesus, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

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The thief asks Jesus to remember him. Painting © Linda E.S. Roberts, 2007. For permission to use this picture, contact Mark D. Roberts.

Jesus Remembers You

One of the criminals crucified with Jesus cried out, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.

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A large white wooden crucifix

Unexpected King. Unexpected Salvation.

As Jesus was being crucified, a sign placed above his head proclaimed, “The King of the Jews.”

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Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to Carry the Cross. Painting © Linda E.S. Roberts, 2007. For permission to use this picture, contact Mark D. Roberts.

Carrying the Cross

Simon of Cyrene was watching Jesus carry his cross to Calvary when, all of a sudden, he was pressed into service by the Roman soldiers.

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Taking Responsibility for Jesus’s Death

Christians believe that, in a real sense, we bear such responsibility because of our sin.

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Holy Week and Work: Reconciliation in the Workplace

There is another dimension of the cross that we sometimes overlook on Good Friday. We see this dimension clearly in Ephesians 2:14-16, where the death of Christ on the cross brings reconciliation not only between people and God but also between alienated people groups.

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