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Episode 58: The Power of Hospitality

Over 15 million people in the United States work in the hospitality industry today. You may not typically think of working in hospitality as a particularly powerful job, but this work holds great power when we connect it to God’s hospitality and God’s powerful welcome to all people.

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A plaque that says "I hate Mondays" lying on a bed

Should We Hate Our Families?

What does Jesus mean by hating those we love most in the world?

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Someone with gardening gloves handing a bowl of cherry tomatoes to someone else

Favoring People Who Cannot Return the Favor, Part 2

Jesus calls us to be generous to those who cannot be generous to us.

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A young woman with a mask on giving some food to a beggar

Favoring People Who Cannot Return the Favor

Jesus exhorts us not to be motivated by self-interest in how we treat others.

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