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What Ignites Your Inner Work?

Confession: I’m not a Swiftie. I’ve never listened to a Taylor Swift album in its entirety. In truth, I know only one of her songs–just the first line of the chorus, actually. 

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The Inner Work of Ash Wednesday

During the winter of my freshman year of college, I went into the dining hall for lunch. As usual, a half dozen women in official uniforms were standing behind the counter, ready to serve the students.

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Book Review: Crucial Conversations

In a time when conversations seem increasingly harder to broach and navigate, we could all use a little help. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High is a helpful guide to healthier conversations in the midst of challenging situations.

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Inner Work and the Third Third of Life

The third third of life is a perfect time for inner work. Or, to put it even more pointedly, inner work is essential for third third flourishing.

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The Inner Life of Leadership

What makes a good leader? Any search on the web will return a laundry list of qualities and characteristics of leadership.

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How to Be a Better Boss

Chances are we’ve all had a bad boss at some point. But what if we’re the bad boss? What can we do to be better? Michaela O’Donnell describes how attending to our inner work is the first step.

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