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Facing Our Failures in Lent

Facing my failures? No thanks. If you’re anything like me, facing your failures has the potential to be a quick slide down a mental spiral.

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Resources for Lent

In the early church, some Christians began observing a special season to help them prepare for Good Friday and Easter. For forty days, not counting Sundays, Jesus’ followers focused on repentance and turning to God in faith.

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A woman standing and holding her arms out in front of a beautiful mountain landscape

Meeting Jesus in Our Suffering

In our times of pain, God supplies, not only hope, but also the Holy Spirit, who reassures us of God’s presence, love, and grace.

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A large metal outdoor crucifix

Trusting God in Suffering

How can I trust God when I’m suffering?

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A man with his back to the camera looking at a sunrise

Great is Thy Faithfulness

God’s love for us is steadfast even in times of loss and sorrow.

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Space Mountain, Tomorrowland, Disneyland, Anaheim, California. Used under Creative Commons License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/.

Here’s a Wild Ride!

Sometimes faith in God can be comforting and reassuring. Sometimes, however, it can be a wild ride.

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A man looking at tornado damage to his house

Is God My Enemy?

When we go through times of suffering and disillusionment, it can feel as if God has abandoned us. Worse still, it can seem as if God has become our enemy.

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Minuet—Take Heart, He is Good (Part 2)

Leaders hear the sound of God wandering through the broken relationships in all of creation with resolve.

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Minuet—Take Heart, He is Good (Part 1)

Joseph had some dreams that reminded him that God was involved and present.

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Two young women sitting on a couch, holding hands, and praying together

Permission to Grieve

Scripture gives us permission to grieve. Though offering plenty of hope and comfort, the Bible provides many examples of godly people expressing their sadness openly and freely.

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A sign in a Catholic church reading "Next in Line for Confession"

Whose Sins Should We Confess?

Though some are quick to point fingers of judgment at others, Scripture teaches us to attend to our own failures and shortcomings.

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A flood on a city street which has covered cars so that only their roofs are showing

Does God Make Us Suffer?

Though God’s ways are often hard to understand, God’s love for us is utterly reliable.

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A person picking berries in a damp field, with many loaded pallets of berries sitting behind them

Yes, Life is Hard

The biblical book of Lamentations recognizes the hardness of life.

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A young man sitting on a tree stump and weeping

Lamentations in Lent

God wants to hear what is real in our lives, including our struggles and disappointments.

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A path leading through the Garden of Gethsemane

Pointed Towards the Cross

Jesus Christ covenanted to love us until the end. That is why he pointed himself to walk the road to the cross. This Lent, may we walk it with him.

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