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Christ in Gethsemane, Heinrich Hofmann - 1886

Leadership Temptations: What Price Are You Willing To Pay?

Jesus willingly pays the highest price possible.

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The Ring of Power

Leadership Temptations: How Will You Lead?

In our passion to do good in the world, it’s easy for the tempter to distract us by focusing on the ends of our work in order to justify unjustifiable means.

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An empty manger

Joy to the World . . . in Lent?

As Jesus entered Jerusalem on the day we know as Palm Sunday, his disciples celebrated the coming of their king with loud praise to God.

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A large wooden spoon

Jesus as a Big Giant Spoon

The Jesus who stirs things up in a major way, therefore, is rather like a big giant spoon.

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A man and a woman sitting on the front steps of a building wearing T-shirts and holding business cards that say "Ask Me What I Do"

What’s Jesus’s Line?

In the season of Lent we have the opportunity to ask in a fresh way, “Who is Jesus?”

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A mockingbird sitting on top of a stick

Hiding Behind Mockery

There is no room in love for mockery.

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An elderly grandma with a toddler

How Does God See You?

How do you imagine God looking upon you?

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A cross in the middle of a grassy field

Bearing the Weight of the Cross

Simon of Cyrene gives us the lesson of God’s providence and participation in painful things that reveal God’s grace.

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A man looking expectantly out a window

Oh, Thomas!

Thomas and others remind us that we can have expectations—but even if they are fulfilled exactly as we hoped, there will always be so much more.

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A man kneeling on the floor and praying intently

Not My Will But Yours Be Done

As he prayed on the night before his crucifixion, Jesus asked his Heavenly Father to “remove this cup.”

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Olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane. Photo used by permission from Mark D. Roberts.

The Shocking Prayer of Jesus

Jesus was asking for a way to avoid the suffering and sacrifice of the cross.

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The Anguish of Jesus

The fact that Jesus suffered truly and painfully means that he understands us and our suffering.

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Jesus Reclaims Our Brokenness

Jesus takes our failures and losses and uses, reclaiming them for good.

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An Awkward and Teachable Moment

The challenge of Jesus is for us too. Are we willing to be humble servants, just like our Master?

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A painted white heart on a park bench

God So Loved the World

God the Father loves us enough to keep speaking Jesus, the eternal Word, into our pain and suffering.

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