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At the center of things is gift.
It is sacrilege to turn gift into obligation.

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Joyfully Anticipating Love

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, “keep watch” means to watch to make sure that no one is coming.” The historical context of Jesus’ birth into…

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Episode 67: The Call to Love at Work

In addition to being named one of Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 most influential black women in sports, Jasmine Bellamy is an influential figure in bringing the practice of love to transform workplace culture from the inside out.

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Love is Not a “To-Do” List

I love a to-do list. How about you? Do you use the latest and greatest app on your phone? Are you one of those productivity geniuses who can keep it all in their head?

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Two women talking at a table, probably at work

Let the Word of Christ Dwell Richly

The gospel should live fully and freely in our Christian communities.

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A man wearing a hat that says "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR"

Clothe Yourselves with Love

As we seek to “clothe ourselves” with a way of life that imitates Jesus, we are to put on love, most of all.

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A Bible with a pair of glasses and some Scrabble tiles saying LOVE lying on it

Growing in Love for Jesus

The more we know the love of Jesus for us, the more we will be able to love him more with our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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A vintage letter with a vintage British stamp surrounded by white flowers

Cherished Co-Laborers

When we hold other believers dear to us, we find mutual reminders of the ties that bind us together.

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