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Pentecostés by Juan Bautista Mayno, ca. 1615-1620. Public Domain.

Depth Perception

Human beings were created for community. As the creation account reminds us, when God said of Adam, “It is not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). One of God’s greatest gifts of being human is the gift of the other… We need others to help us rightly see the world around us. Without other perspectives, our view of the world flattens out. Without different perspectives, we lose vital nuance and depth.

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A lily floating on a pool of water

Can You Add a Day? (Part 2)

“Consider the Lilies.”

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A bulletin board with the words "DON'T PANIC" on it

Can You Add a Day? (Part 1)

Jesus asked a pointed question that, if taken literally, could help us understand how to approach life with less worry.

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A salt shaker

Leadership Wisdom – You are the Salt of the Earth

How does being “salt” relate to our work of being leaders?

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Buy this Bull © 2008 Uli Chi

Leadership Wisdom – The Problem of Persecution (Part 2)

How do we live faithfully in a secular world?

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Jeremiah Thrown into a Prison by the People of King Zedekiah (Marc Chagall, 1956)

Leadership Wisdom – The Problem of Persecution (Part 1)

In a fearful and paranoid culture, how do we avoid an unwarranted persecution complex?

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Jesus Washing Peter's Feet by Ford Madox Brown (1852-6)

Leadership Wisdom – Becoming Peacemakers

How can the church, which is composed of people from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation,” behave differently?

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Garden Hose Spray Bottle © Gayle Chi – 2021

Leadership Wisdom – Who You See is Who You’ll Be

What does it mean that the pure in heart will “see God”?

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Moses and the Burning Bush by Mark Chagall, 1966

Leadership Wisdom – Breaking the Cycle

Legitimate moral outrage is easy to foster and enflame. Acting with mercy in light of a world full of injustice is infinitely harder.

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The Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci

Leadership Wisdom – Hunger and Thirst

Our longing for right relationships (“righteousness”) is fulfilled in the practices of our lives, much like our physical hunger and thirst are fulfilled by eating and drinking.

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Good Samaritan by George Frederick Watts (WikiArt)

Leadership Wisdom – The Dominion of the Meek

Jesus challenges us to a steely commitment to his way of life that is matched with a gentleness in the way we relate to others.

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Good Samaritan by George Frederick Watts (WikiArt)

Leadership Wisdom – Mourning and Restoring What Was Lost

Those who mourn the great loss of humanity’s original potential are promised comfort of several kinds.

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The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, c. 1511

Leadership Wisdom – Vulnerability and Trust

In Jesus’ remarkably vivid description, becoming fully human requires that we acknowledge and embrace our essential poverty of spirit.

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Leadership Wisdom – Resetting Our Expectations

Jesus’ Beatitudes attempt to correct our view of God’s expectations for us as human beings.

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The summit of Mt. Sinai

Leadership Wisdom – Who is This Jesus?

Jesus helps us see what that looks like lived out in real life in the middle of broken human communities and a fractured world.

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