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Dr. MLK Jr. and others during the March on Washington

Resisting a Failure of Heart

Leadership is hard. Actually, what is really hard—we are learning—is leading people in times of uncertainty.

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A team of cyclists racing together.

Help Me Help You: Introduction

As an advisor to leaders, I have seen countless visions stray because of one major issue: the leader’s inability to properly engage and manage the team… This series is meant to provide you with small devotional-sized nuggets to equip you to effectively manage the team that works with you… At all levels of leadership there is room for growth in our communication with our teams. It is time for you to help them help you.

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Silhouettes of people on a hill against a sunset.

Blueprints: Staffing the Vision

This account in Numbers 11 teaches us two important lessons that are relevant to our journey as leaders executing God’s plan for us. The first of these lessons is that every vision will need to be staffed. God’s vision for you is so grand and full that you can’t do it alone… The second lesson that we glean from this passage is that God must be the one to choose the proper staff in the proper time.

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