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Five Ways (Plus One) to Manage Stress

Chronic stress. It feels inescapable. The demands of life, work, and leadership seem relentless, practically snuffing out any room for margin.

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Resources for Lent

In the early church, some Christians began observing a special season to help them prepare for Good Friday and Easter. For forty days, not counting Sundays, Jesus’ followers focused on repentance and turning to God in faith.

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Teach Us How to Pray: A List of Prayer Collections

Healthy marketplace leaders know how to pray. And they do it often. When we interviewed exemplary Christian marketplace leaders for our research study, they…

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Lament in the Time of Layoffs

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Lyft, Vimeo, Wayfair, Stitch Fix, and Goldman Sachs. Hasbro, Dow, IBM, 3M, and Spotify. All of them are recognizable, reputable brands making headlines in early 2023 for announcing layoffs. Some of these companies are letting go of up to 10% of their employees.

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A man standing in a forest opening his arms to brilliant sunlight

God is Extravagant

Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesus is extravagant.

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A scorpion in a fish tank under UV light, making it glow aqua

God Gives Good Gifts

When we ask God for things in prayer, God does not give us that which will hurt us.

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A crowd of people praying, with the focus on a young girl in the front

Ask, and It Will Be Given to You

When it seems that God isn’t responding, we’re urged to ask and keep on asking, search and keep on search, knock and keep on knocking.

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Scrabble tiles spelling out "Let Go Let God"

Praying Like Jesus:
For We Ourselves Forgive Everyone Indebted to Us

Forgiving those you have hurt you can feel risky.

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