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Resurrection Stories Part 3

I have been a widow since 2015 when my dearest, beloved husband of over forty-four years unexpectedly passed after a triple bypass surgery.

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It Takes a Village . . . and a Church to Flourish in the Third Third of Life

I’ve been reading a fascinating book. Time of Our Lives: Celebrating Older Women was written by Dr. Maggie Kirkman, a psychologist and senior research fellow in women’s health at Monash University in Australia. The main portion of her book is a collection of stories of older women living full, fruitful, and inspiring lives.

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Watercolor (“Memories of Mattie”) and digital image courtesy of Gayle Chi © 2015

Tilling Faith

The complex and nuanced work of a watercolor artist reminds me of the importance of learning how to faithfully engage my work with skillful use of the “palette of colors” of my vocation.

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King David in Prayer by Pieter de Grebber

The Discipline of Sleep

A biblical vision of leadership recognizes the importance of human agency but understands its limitations. In the end, it is the LORD who “sustains” us and our work.

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A young child playing on the floor with a paper heart

Workday Prayers: When You Have a Divided Heart

Sometimes we experience divided hearts in our workplaces.

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An elderly couple standing in a field of yellow flowers

Unexpected Flourishing

According to Psalm 92, the righteous will flourish and be fruitful even “in old age.”

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A group of teenage girls sitting on a bench in a garden in prayer

Where are You Planted? Part 2

Scripture reveals that our flourishing depends on a meaningful, committed community with other Christians.

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Temple Mount in Jerusalem seen from the Mount of Olives

Where are You Planted? Part 1

If we want to flourish in life, if we want to live fully and fruitfully, then we need to develop an intimate, growing relationship with Jesus.

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Sun shining through a grove of California redwoods

How is Your Root System?

If you think of yourself as a tree, what is the condition of your root system?

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A person reaching out their hand through a field of wheat

Workday Prayers: Enjoying the Produce of God

When our work produces good things, we can be proud of what our efforts have accomplished.

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A surfer coming out of a wave

Are You Righteous?

We do not make ourselves righteous, but we can allow the gift of God’s righteousness to transform us.

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A forest with dried grass and many beautiful trees

Flourishing That Doesn’t Last

When we think about our lives, we want to flourish, not like the grass, but like beautiful, fruitful trees.

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White cherry blossoms on a tree

Invitation to a Flourishing Life

Psalm 92 presents the promise that if we live rightly, we will flourish like healthy, beautiful, productive trees.

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Kandinsky's Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles

Keeping Faith

Hypocrisy is high on the list of critiques about religious people. As leaders who claim to follow Jesus, we are susceptible to being criticized for not “walking the talk.” And, rightly so.

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A group of people in an office sitting around a table having a meeting

Workday Prayers: Your Workplace as God’s Temple

Because God is with us, we can worship and engage with God in the midst of our daily work.

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