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Olives hanging from a branch

Workday Prayers: Where Do You Put Your Trust?

O God, help me to put my trust in you, always and forever.

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A man sitting on a log reading a Bible

Workplace Prayers:
When You’ve Done Something Morally Wrong

God will give you a clean heart.

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A sunrise around the corner of a forest path

The Path of Life and the Fullness of Joy

God shows us “the path of life,” which is a poetic way of saying that God shows us the best way to live (Psalm 16:11).

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A road passing through trees in Yosemite National Park

Pilgrimage with God this Year

What if God is inviting you on a holy journey in 2021?

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A house surrounded by palm trees

Dwell With God This Year

As you step into 2021, consider what it would look like to truly dwell in the house of the Lord in 2021.

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A woman holding a lit-up heart

New Year, New Heart

We need, not just a new year, but a new heart.

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A person holding a watch

Reflections for the End of the Year

As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021, it’s good to remember that our times are in God’s hand (Psalm 31:15).

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A woman heartily laughing

Keeping Christmas Well: With Laughter and Joy

We can keep Christmas well by enjoying laughter. Our joy doesn’t deny the pains of life today.

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A small boy waiting on a folding chair in an office

Workday Prayers: Waiting and Hoping

When things at work are hard, I wait upon you, Lord. I wait with hope because you are faithful, strong, and gracious. Amen.

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A nativity ornament of Mary and the Christ Child, seen under a purple light

Getting Ready for Advent

The season of Advent is almost here.

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The Lincoln Memorial at sunset

Life for Leaders on Thanksgiving Day

On this Thanksgiving Day, we are reminded to give thanks to God even as we face such difficult times and painful losses.

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A sign with the words "Thank you" in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch

Thanksgiving Makes Your Life Better

Gratitude actually helps the one who expresses it.

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A colorful image of a galaxy in the night sky

Prayers for Work: How Precious is God’s Steadfast Love!

God’s love is steadfast, unfailing, never-ending.

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A beautiful old town hall beside the sea in Camogli, Italy

A Devotion for the Day After the Election

On the day after the election in the United States, we need to hear once again the profound truth and life-giving invitation of Psalm 46.

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Two one way signs on a New York street corner pointing perpendicular directions.

Walking in the Way of God

Life is a series of choices. Along the way, we can either be people who are trying to get our own way in the world’s way, or we can be people who are trying to work on behalf of God’s way.

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