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Advent Approaches

The season of Advent is almost here.

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Go Ahead and Feel all the Feels

Whether you’re excited or exhausted by this current season of work, God promises to be with you, caring for you and directing you in this time.

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A man carrying many items to sell in two heavy baskets attached to a yoke on his shoulders

Workday Prayers: When Work is Unjust

When the Israelites were victims of injustice in the workplace, they cried out to God and God rescued them.

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Workday Prayers: When You’ve Turned Away from God

We are saved, not by our own efforts, but by God’s shining face, God’s loving presence, God’s grace and mercy.

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Workday Prayers: Confess Workplace Sin

When you sin in your work, it’s time to tell God about it, to confess, asking for God’s forgiveness, deliverance, and help.

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Human Significance, Part 2

Awe in God’s majesty gives us hope and clarity that while things may be dark now, they will not always be.

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A person looking up at a sky full of stars

Human Significance

God can use the vastness of creation to show us that we are valuable to Him.

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A man with a hat on and his back to the viewer staring at the horizon

Workday Prayers: When We Turn Away from God

Recognizing our lack of faithfulness is the first step in turning back to God.

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Statue of Pope Pius IX in Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy

Strengthening Our Core

How we develop or neglect them profoundly affects our life and leadership.

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Workday Prayers: Two Sides of Remembering

Sometimes when we remember God’s blessing in the past, we might wonder why God isn’t blessing us now in the ways we desire.

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A man in an industrial lab holding a tray full of growing plants

Workday Prayers: Offer Your Work as a Gift to God

One of the gifts we can offer the Lord is our daily work.

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Workday Prayers: Thanksgiving in October

When we offer gratitude to God, we don’t have to shout across the heavens.

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A man's hands folded in prayer on a Bible

Workday Prayers: Living in the Tension of Faith

When things are hard at work, when injustice prevails, we wonder where God is.

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A man in a retro car on a very hot day, leaning tiredly on the steering wheel

Workday Prayers: When Work Has Worn You Down to Nothing

When bad things happen at work, when we watch others getting the accolades we desire, when we’re so tired we can hardly think straight, we can get stuck in self-pity. We can make bad decisions and treat people poorly.

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Workday Prayers: For Bosses

The psalm teaches us to ask that those in authority would act with justice and righteousness, with particular concern for people who are not well off and who, therefore, lack human power.

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