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Resurrection at Work

When was the last time you saw a resurrection at work? If you work in the medical field, maybe you’ve seen someone brought back to life. Most of us don’t get to see that sort of miracle unless we’re binge-watching the latest TV medical drama. But if we looked carefully, intentionally, perhaps we’d see resurrection all around us.

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Resources to Help You Celebrate Easter

Easter–it’s both a day and a season. It’s the day Christians celebrate the empty tomb, the resurrection of Jesus, and his triumph over the grave. But it’s also a season on the Church calendar. 

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Facing Our Failures in Lent

Facing my failures? No thanks. If you’re anything like me, facing your failures has the potential to be a quick slide down a mental spiral.

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A person dressed as a ghost in front of a spooky abandoned graffiti-covered building and old car

Why It Matters that Jesus Was Not a Ghost

The physical resurrection of Jesus reinforces the value of the physical world. That which God created as very good continues to have eternal value.

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Not a Fish Tale

When we’re struggling to believe God or to discern God’s guidance, God often gives us hints or signs, evidence of God’s presence, love, and wisdom. Sometimes God can speak to us even through a fish!

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A plate of fish and vegetables at a fancy restaurant

Not a Ghost Story

When Jesus first appeared to his disciples as he rose from the dead, they were terrified, fearing that he was a ghost.

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Equations written on an old blackboard

If X, Then Y

Our ability to see the risen Christ is depending on you.

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The Grand Tetons at sunset

He is Not Here, But Has Risen!

The basic good news of Easter is found in Luke 24, when the angels say to the women followers of Jesus, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.”

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