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Webinar: Creating Wellness in the Third Third of Life

Hosted on April 5th, 2023 at 10:00 am (PST) Register Now! About Our Speakers Dr. Hilda R. Davis, PhD, LPC, is the Founder of Creative…

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Meet the Team: What’s On Our Shelves and Playlists

At the De Pree Center, we have an amazing staff. When we interview candidates for job openings, they often ask the hiring committee what they love about their jobs, and we can’t not talk about our team.

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Teach Us How to Pray: A List of Prayer Collections

Healthy marketplace leaders know how to pray. And they do it often. When we interviewed exemplary Christian marketplace leaders for our research study, they…

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Third Third in the News – February 2023: Ageism in Hollywood and the Question of “Old”

Ageism in Hollywood The problem of ageism in our culture and, indeed, our whole world, is being addressed more frequently and more publicly these…

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Why Are People Finding Our Flourishing in the 3/3 Course So Helpful?

We continue to get encouraging feedback from churches and individuals who are using our Flourishing in the Third Third of Life video-based course. For…

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Some Excellent Resources for Third Third Flourishing – February 2023 Edition

In my leadership of the De Pree Center’s Flourishing in the Third Third of Life Initiative, I’m always looking for excellent resources that speak…

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Relationships and “The Good Life”

“If you had to make one life choice, right now, to set yourself on the path to future health and happiness, what would it be?”

So, how would you answer that question? What one choice could you make right now that would point you in the direction of a fruitful and fulfilling life?

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Flourishing in the Third Third course graphic

Flourishing in the Third Third of Life

This six-session, video-enriched course designed for small groups will equip those nearing or in the third third of life to live faithfully and fruitfully and experience abundant and purposeful life in this season.

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An older woman sitting by the beach enjoying the sunshine

God’s Invitation to Stillness

When life seems “heavy and hard,” our inclination is to fix it rather than go off and be silent. The idea of sitting still and accomplishing nothing is counterintuitive.

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A basket full of many different kinds of fruit

Productivity vs. Fruitfulness

God invites us to focus more on the fruits of the Spirit than on our accomplishments.

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A man sleeping in an indoor hammock with a book on his face

The Discipline of Irresponsibility

As we lose opportunity and energy, God invites us to receive the grace of doing the good works he has prepared for us to do in this season of life.

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A beautiful blue butterfly in front of a lot of chrysalises

God’s Invitation to Change as We Age

If we hope to keep growing spiritually as we age, we will need to embrace God’s invitation to new ways of looking at ourselves and new ways of living.

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A person walking under an archway from a dark walkway into light

Liminal Space in our Senior Years

Liminal space is the space in-between who we are and who we will be.

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Cherry blossoms blooming on tree branches

What Does Flourishing Show Us?

When I flourish, I am inspired to offer praise and thanks to God, who by grace enables me to live fully and fruitfully.

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Mark Roberts' mom coming out of a tent

Can I Flourish in the Desert? Part 2

Sometimes life is like a verdant forest . . . and sometimes like a parched desert.

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