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Scrabble tiles that say "Speak truth"

An Uncommon Reason for Speaking the Truth

There are many good reasons to tell the truth.

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Signs behind a chain-link fence that say "DON'T GIVE UP," "YOU ARE NOT ALONE," "YOU MATTER"

Speaking the Truth Can Actually Be Quite Wonderful

Sometimes we are able to help our brothers and sisters hear in a new way the truth they know in their minds but not in their hearts.

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A wooden Pinocchio doll with a long nose

Confronting Your Inner Pinocchio

Truthfulness begins with our being honest with ourselves.

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A piece of paper that says "TRUTH" lying trampled in the mud

A Timely Call to Speak Truthfully

If we are to live as redeemed and renewed people in Christ, we must learn to speak and live the truth.

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