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The Daily Practice: A Tool to Help You Apply the Bible to Your Life, Work, And Leadership

This four-step process, modeled off the practice of Lectio Divina, will help you prayerfully reflect on how the Bible relates to your life, work, and leadership.

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Two women embracing at a church service

Day Three: Value Community

Today we’ll see why it’s so essential to “value community.”

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Scrabble tiles that spell out the words "listen more"

Day Two: Shut Up and Listen

Today we’re going to discover the importance of learning to “shut up and listen.” Now I know that sounds like something shouted in the midst of an argument, but believe me, it’s good advice!

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A bumper sticker reading "Curb your ego"

Day One: Viciously Attack Ego

It’s tough to lead well if our egos are influencing our decisions, and we often hurt others.

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Grape vineyards in Piedmont, Italy.

Making Great Wine

Great leaders rarely develop in isolation. As today’s text from the Apostle Paul reminds us, character is formed by enduring suffering.

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Kandinsky's Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles

Keeping Faith

Hypocrisy is high on the list of critiques about religious people. As leaders who claim to follow Jesus, we are susceptible to being criticized for not “walking the talk.” And, rightly so.

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Leadership Wisdom – You are the Light of the World

Isn’t Jesus the light of the world? In what sense are we?

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A salt shaker

Leadership Wisdom – You are the Salt of the Earth

How does being “salt” relate to our work of being leaders?

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Leadership Wisdom – The Problem of Persecution (Part 2)

How do we live faithfully in a secular world?

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Jeremiah Thrown into a Prison by the People of King Zedekiah (Marc Chagall, 1956)

Leadership Wisdom – The Problem of Persecution (Part 1)

In a fearful and paranoid culture, how do we avoid an unwarranted persecution complex?

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Jesus Washing Peter's Feet by Ford Madox Brown (1852-6)

Leadership Wisdom – Becoming Peacemakers

How can the church, which is composed of people from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation,” behave differently?

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Garden Hose Spray Bottle © Gayle Chi – 2021

Leadership Wisdom – Who You See is Who You’ll Be

What does it mean that the pure in heart will “see God”?

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The 9/11 memorial pool with the NYC landscape behind it

The Saturday After Tuesday

It is worth thinking about all the times Jesus has called us to take up our cross.

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Moses and the Burning Bush by Mark Chagall, 1966

Leadership Wisdom – Breaking the Cycle

Legitimate moral outrage is easy to foster and enflame. Acting with mercy in light of a world full of injustice is infinitely harder.

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The Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci

Leadership Wisdom – Hunger and Thirst

Our longing for right relationships (“righteousness”) is fulfilled in the practices of our lives, much like our physical hunger and thirst are fulfilled by eating and drinking.

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