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Jack Skellington and the Search for Meaning

You may have heard of the animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen it many times! If not,…

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Scrabble tiles spelling "prioritise"

Embracing the Priorities of Jesus

As we learn to strive first of God’s kingdom, our priorities will become more and more like the priorities of Jesus.

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Someone's hand holding out a plate of tacos at a restaurant

Your Labor in the Lord Really Matters

Sometimes it can feel is our work really doesn’t matter.

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A weight room, empty but ready for weightlifters

Silent Labor Resonates

Silent labor is neither unimportant, unvalued or unrecognized work.

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An elderly woman's hands folded in her lap on top of a Bible

Remembering Your Work

Sometimes the very thing we need to endure is to recall the work others have done.

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A black and white picture of a man in a subway holding up a sign saying "Seeking Human Kindness"

Why Should We Work? Part 3

Ephesians also shows that work is good because it enables us to help those who are in need.

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A man suspended on the side of a building painting the building

Why Should We Work? Part 2

Our work matters because, by working, we are able to add to the goodness of the world.

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Three workers in hoodies picking boxes of strawberries, and one man in a hoodie carrying a filled box

Why Should We Work? Part 1

That we were created for work helps us to see that, through working, we can glorify God.

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A young woman sitting in a darkened room late at night staring intently at a MacBook which gives off most of the light in the room

Could We Be Working Way Too Hard?

May God teach us how to build our lives according to God’s own rhythm of work and rest.

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An old woman carrying two heavy baskets through tall grass with a child walking behind her

Working Hard . . . Hardly Working

Ephesians 4:28 teaches us to work hard.. we also need to rest.

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A Playmobil scene which shows a bank and a policeman, with one of the Playmobil people stopping a bank robber.

Advice for Thieves . . . and for You?

We all need to learn how to do good work and to share the proceeds from our labors with those who are needy.

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A colleague speaking privately to another colleague.

Jesus of Monday Mornings: A Meditation on Epiphany

The Christmas season is over. We’ve put away nativity scenes and unstrung our lights. That distinct festivity is no longer in the air. Another…

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Martha’s Welcome

Sermon preached by Mark D. Roberts on April 29, 2018, at La Canada Presbyterian Church. Originally posted on La Canada PC. ShareTweetMark RobertsDr. Mark D….

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On Investing in People

Faith and Work | Bill Hwang on Investing in People, originally hosted on the Faith and Work series on FULLER Studios. Bill Hwang, CEO and Founder…

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On Dying to Self

Faith and Work | Terry Looper On Dying to Self, originally hosted on the Faith and Work series on FULLER Studios. Terry Looper, CEO and…

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