Articles by Dr. Mark D. Roberts

This series of articles offers ten suggestions that will help you clarify your purpose in the third third of life.

Part 1
Is there a process for finding your purpose?
Defining “Purpose” and “Clarifying”
Suggestion 1: Be committed to God’s purpose for all things, including your life.

Part 2
Suggestion 2: Seek the Lord in prayer and surrender to God’s will.
Suggestion 3: Pay attention to how God has made and gifted you.

Part 3
Suggestion 4: Pay attention to what God is putting on your heart.
Suggestion 5: Pay attention to where you are bearing fruit.

Part 4
Suggestion 6: Look for continuity, but be open to surprises.

Part 5
Suggestion 7: Get in touch with and act upon your generativity.

Part 6
Suggestion 8: Experiment your way forward.