Webinar: Mentoring with Distinction

November 10, 2023



On December 4, Dr. Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, author of Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose Through Intentional Discipleship, will join us for a FREE webinar called “Mentoring with Distinction.” She will help us understand how our distinctiveness, or uniqueness, matters in mentoring relationships. She writes,

“Mentoring is an important tool for leadership development and discipleship in God’s kingdom. From the very beginning, God informs Bible readers that it is not good for humans to be alone, and so God created another just like Adam, yet distinct. Throughout the Bible, we see God’s redemptive story at work, including Jesus’ prayer and desire for, and our public witness of the Trinity when oneness is evident and embraced among believers. The presence of sin constantly threatens the unity that God’s desires for relationships between men and women, across generations, for those in different ethnic and cultural communities.”

This webinar will be hosted by Meryl Herr, Director of Research and Resources.

Meryl Herr

Director of Research and Resources

Dr. Meryl Herr is the Director of Research and Resources at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership where she designs and conducts research studies that add to the understanding of what helps marketplace leaders flourish. She also oversees the team’s efforts to convert research findings into r...

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