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How should I Live and lead in this season?

In this first stage of your career, there may be a few recurring questions and themes that arise as you think about what it means to lead in a distinctly Christian way. You’re not alone. This is a wonderful season to start approaching your work and faith with intention and care.

We've gathered resources designed to address your questions.

Vocation & Calling

Questions you may be asking:

How do I discern my calling?

What’s the difference between a job and a calling?

Everyday Faithfulness

Questions you may be asking:

How do I remain faithful to what God values in my work and relationships?


Questions you may be asking:

Do I need a mentor?

How do I find one?

Rest & Resilience

Questions you may be asking:

How do I create healthy rhythms of rest and work?

Personal Growth

Questions you may be asking:

How do I grow as a leader?

How do I grow in my relationship with Christ?

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Book Review: Crucial Conversations

Chelsea Logan



Faith Work Foundations

Mark D. Roberts, Michaela O’Donnell, Julie Chung, DeLano Sheffield, Matthew Kaemingk, Wayne Park


Make Work Matter

Michaela O’Donnell


Faith-Based ERGs & Building Bridges at Work

Leah Archibald, Mark D. Roberts with Barbara Villasenor

Making It Work



Lasso Leadership Lessons: Episode #1

Tod Bolsinger

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