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How should I Live and lead in this season?

By this stage of your career, there may be a few recurring questions and themes that arise as you think about what it means to lead in a distinctly Christian way. You’re not alone. This is a wonderful season to bring intention and care to established patterns or embrace new perspectives.

We’ve gathered resources designed to address these questions and help you lead with confidence and grace.


Questions you may be asking:

What and who has God entrusted to my care?

How can I create a workplace that promotes flourishing?

Everyday Faithfulness

Questions you may be asking:

How do I remain faithful to what God values in my work and relationships, even as my responsibilities and limitations have changed?


Questions you may be asking:

What is mentoring? How can I be a good mentor to emerging leaders?

Rest & Resilience

Questions you may be asking:

How do I maintain healthy rhythms of rest and work for myself?

Personal Growth

Questions you may be asking:

How do I grow as a leader and in my relationship with Christ? How do I bring what I believe about God to bear on my work on leadership?

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How to Be a Better Boss

Michaela O’Donnell



Reflect, Don’t Ruminate: 10 Journaling Prompts to Help You Flourish

Meryl Herr



Webinar: They Will Know Us by Our Love

Michaela O’Donnell with Jasmine Bellamy

Starts: 02-07-2024


The Wise Leader

Uli Chi


Faith Work Foundations

Mark D. Roberts, Michaela O’Donnell, Julie Chung, DeLano Sheffield, Matthew Kaemingk, Wayne Park

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