Author: Chelsea Logan

Positive Reflection Ideas for Your Team (And You)

Reflection is more than a self-help tool—it’s a way to help you and your team flourish in the workplace. Practicing reflection has been shown to help develop leaders and strengthen teams.

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Three Ways to Meaningfully Waste Time

Have you ever considered intentionally wasting time? I know. It sounds like, well, a waste of time. But hear me out. 

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Resources for Rest

Growing up in Southern California, I never ached for summer the way I do since moving to the Pacific Northwest. The cloudy and cold winters leave my body, mind, and perhaps even my soul longing for the warmth of sunny summer days.

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Facing Our Failures in Lent

Facing my failures? No thanks. If you’re anything like me, facing your failures has the potential to be a quick slide down a mental spiral.

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