That's a Wrap: Our Favorite Resources from 2023

By Chelsea Logan

December 8, 2023

De Pree Journal, Marketplace Leaders

One of my more recent end-of-the-year enjoyments is scrolling through social media to see people post their “Spotify Wrapped” lists. If you’re unfamiliar, people who use Spotify to stream their music are given an at-a-glance look at their most played music and podcasts from the past year. It’s a way to see what you were listening to most throughout the year and the opportunity to share it with others on your social media pages.

Now, I have to admit that these lists are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Particularly because my favorite lists are those that feel a bit unexpected: the middle-aged mom who fancies Harry Styles, the heavy metal music choices for the office shy guy, or the grown man who publicly reveals that the Moana soundtrack was his most played album. For me, these bite-sized bits of honesty are both refreshing and endearing. 

I also love seeing people’s podcast choices and discovering their hidden interests: comedy, true crime, sports, or fitness. When made public, these interests become opportunities for me to connect with others. I love listening to a new album I found on someone’s “wrapped” list and then thanking that person for introducing me to it. I also enjoy discovering that a friend and I share a love for the same podcast and then bonding over it. Learning what people listen to when alone and what captures their interests most make these “wrapped” lists a fascinating insight into people’s interests and loves, and therefore into themselves.

Here at De Pree Center, we want to offer you a glimpse into who we are as a center and as a team by giving you our version of “Wrapped.” And while you won’t find any guilty pleasures listed below, you will find a reflection of our staff’s interests and loves—our personal lists of the work-related resources that influenced and inspired us most over this past year. These lists are a mixture of books, podcasts, assessments, and even apps that have helped us grow in our work, life, and leadership throughout 2023. 

We hope we can expose you to new resources and connect with you over shared loves. And of course, please reach out if something we shared served you in your work and leadership formation. We’d love to hear from you!

Michaela O’Donnell, Executive Director:

Meryl Herr, Director of Research and Resources:

Paul Matsushima, Director of Operations:

Mark D. Roberts, Senior Strategist:

Jessica Fregoe, Administrative Coordinator:

Raven Carey-James, Marketing and Communications Specialist:

Ryan Gutierrez, Program Specialist:

Suzie Sang, Research Associate:

Chelsea Logan, Content and Production Lead:

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Chelsea Logan

Content and Production Lead

Chelsea Logan serves as the content and production lead for the De Pree Center. She holds a BA in the Study of Religion from UCLA and an MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Chelsea has held leadership positions in various ministry and education settings, including serving a...

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