Author: Meryl Herr

Dr. Meryl Herr is a Senior Researcher at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership where she designs and conducts research studies that add to the understanding of what helps marketplace leaders flourish.

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Overcoming Our Fear of Mentoring

You could come alongside someone who’s trying to make sense of what’s going on in their life.

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Street art of Mother Teresa

The Compassionate Leader

It’s more in my nature to want to run from suffering than toward it. So, I know I need God to transform my heart so that I’m someone who’s not afraid of suffering, pain, and weakness.

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Leading Better with Bigger Questions

We’re searching. We’re puzzling. We’re looking for connections and patterns and significance. Whether we know it or not, deep down some part of us is always asking questions.

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The Problem with Leaders

What do 18-35-year-olds from around the world think about leadership? Well, they’re less than hopeful.

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Am I a Leader?

“Am I a leader?” Does that question ever cross your mind? I used to think I was a leader, but now I’m less certain….

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