Keeping Watch: Advent Journal

Edited by Meryl Herr
Contributing authors: Meryl Herr, Roy Inzunza, Denise Lee Yohn, Jasmine Bellamy
Contributing Artists: Mike Moyers, Dea Jenkins, Lauren Wright Pittman, Tammy Klepac

In many of the Scripture passages we read during the season of Advent, Jesus calls us to keep watch. How can we train our attention and focus our senses on Christ so that we can anticipate not only his return but also his coming near to us in our daily lives? Our 2023 Advent journal invites you to reflect on thoughtful essays, engage in the ancient practices of Lectio and Visio Divina, and participate in activities that will help you learn to keep watch in your life, work, and leadership.

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Product Details

  • Easily printable format (6″x9″ portrait)

  • 4 essays (divided up to be used across the 4 weeks of Advent) containing scripture, reflections, prayers, and activities like Lectio and Visio Divina.

  • This devotional can be used in a variety of ways:

  • By yourself: Use the devotional five times a week during the four weeks of Advent (including Christmas Day).

  • In a group: Go through the guide, one week at a time, with a small group.

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About the Editor

Dr. Meryl Herr is the Director of Research and Resources at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership where she designs and conducts research studies that add to the understanding of what helps marketplace leaders flourish. She also oversees the conversion of research findings into resources that will serve leaders across industries and seasons of life.

Meryl earned a BS from Vanderbilt University and an MDiv and PhD (Educational Studies) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Her doctoral research focused on the role of imagining the future in vocational discipleship. After completing her doctorate, Meryl pursued additional training by completing a graduate certificate in Educational Research Methods through the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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