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Teri Howe



World class experienced product manager for smaller companies with bigger visions struggling to assemble 1,000 moving pieces into great product, provide a proven track record of championing new products from concept to successful launch and market adoption, resulting in new revenue streams and measurable increases in customer satisfaction, like an 800% increase of accounts in a Top 3 customer in under 5 months. Unlike other product managers strong on strategy and awkward in person, Teri has the rare ability to effectively and compellingly ‘translate’ between disparate groups, such as customer-to-engineering or engineering-to-executive teams. She has an extensive track record of discerning real customer needs, translating into actionable requirements, and collaborating with talented R&D teams for innovative, timely, optimum solutions. She especially shines when representing products to customers, prospects, and analysts as well as large audiences; in fact, was selected from a pool of 20,000 applicants to represent the United States at the World’s Fair where she personally greeted 2 million people in 6 months.