Webinar: Helpful Nostalgia

What if nostalgia could be leveraged to bring strength, unity, and change to your local church?

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: Recap

Remembering What We’ve Learned On behalf of all of us at the De Pree Center for leadership and the Church Leadership Institute, I want…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #6

The Crisis of a Winning Team: Ted Lasso Season 2 and a Bonus Episode from Executive Producer, Bill Lawrence https://youtu.be/O0foZfP5QCQ Take Away: Whether you…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #5

Becoming the Little Girl: Roy Kent, Micro Leadership and Setting a Tone of Hope Take Away: In every setting anyone can lead. Key Point:…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #4

“Believe”: When the Criticism Comes Take Away: Emotional Intelligence and staying calm amidst criticism is the true superpower of a change leader. Key Point:…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #3

Nate the Great and Changing the Whole Stadium: Character, Organizational Culture, Collaboration Take Away: Creating a culture where everybody matters means that everybody wins. …

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How NOT to Waste a Crisis–The Delta Variant Edition

It has been a year since I wrote this article commending the Church Leaders that I have worked with for their resilience and creativity…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #2

Ted on Real Winning: It’s much more than just the score Take Away: Ted cares more about developing character than winning.  Key Point: Formational…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #1

“Ignorant and Curious”: Cynicism, Mentors and Being the Best Version of Ourselves Take Away: Leadership begins with a commitment to be the best version…

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Hybrid Course: Forming Leadership Resilience

Based on Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed for the Crucible of Change, this course is for leaders who know that their capacity to…

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Surviving the Heat of the Crucible of Leadership

In blacksmithing, through a slow, deliberate, repetitive—and sometimes dangerous—process of heating, holding, hammering, and quenching, steel becomes a tool that is both beautiful and useful. And leaders go through a similar process.

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Vulnerability, Resilience, and Partnership:
Formation for Confronting Injustice

Tempered resilience comes through a formational process that is vulnerable, relational, and often feels very costly for the leader.

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Future Church Summit: A Guided Planning Retreat for Becoming the Congregation of Tomorrow

The crises of 2020 have accelerated the need for churches to “future-fit” for our new world.

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Webinar: Resilience, Race, and Resistance

Webinar with our partner Missio Alliance, hosted by Tod Bolsinger.

Our country has awakened to the need for racial justice, but the work has just begun.

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Webinar: A View from the Mountaintop: Leadership in the Ultimate Liminal Space

Webinar with Jim Toole, hosted by Tod Bolsinger.

In this webinar, they discuss the leadership lessons that come from reaching the moment where you must prepare your people to go into the future without you.

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