Church Leadership Initiative Journal

Lasso Leadership Lessons: Recap

Remembering What We’ve Learned On behalf of all of us at the De Pree Center for leadership and the Church Leadership Institute, I want…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #6

The Crisis of a Winning Team: Ted Lasso Season 2 and a Bonus Episode from Executive Producer, Bill Lawrence https://youtu.be/O0foZfP5QCQ Take Away: Whether you…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #5

Becoming the Little Girl: Roy Kent, Micro Leadership and Setting a Tone of Hope Take Away: In every setting anyone can lead. Key Point:…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #4

“Believe”: When the Criticism Comes Take Away: Emotional Intelligence and staying calm amidst criticism is the true superpower of a change leader. Key Point:…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #3

Nate the Great and Changing the Whole Stadium: Character, Organizational Culture, Collaboration Take Away: Creating a culture where everybody matters means that everybody wins. …

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How NOT to Waste a Crisis–The Delta Variant Edition

It has been a year since I wrote this article commending the Church Leaders that I have worked with for their resilience and creativity…

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