An Evening with Andy Crouch

By De Pree Editor

March 31, 2022

De Pree Journal

An Evening with Andy Crouch: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World

Event featuring Andy Crouch
Hosted by Denise Lee Yohn, Faith & Work Journey Director

How should Christians navigate the current challenges of technological change, disrupted relationships, and broken communities that characterize the dominant cultural landscape today?  What is an appropriate response to the increasing isolation, anxiety, and de-personalization we see around us, and perhaps experience ourselves?

Author, speaker, and Praxis partner Andy Crouch took on these topics in an interview with Faith & Work Journey Director Denise Lee Yohn at an event in the San Francisco Bay Area sponsored by the De Pree Center, Faith & Work Journey, Faith & Work Movement, GFM InterVarsity, and New College Berkely.  Crouch previewed key insights from his new book, The Life We’re Looking For: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World and encouraged people to:

  • Design and use technology as instruments that extend human skill through heart, soul, mind, and strength, instead of devicesthat tend to exert mastery over us.
  • Dethrone the power of Mammon over our lives and reject the destructive notion of abundance without dependence upon each other.
  • Identify people who are regarded as “unuseful” – those who seem to have nothing to offer to Mammon — and move them toward the center of attention and agency.

Listen to the audio recording of the interview to learn how to reclaim relationship and pursue the redemption of technology, money, time, personhood, and community with wisdom, grace, and peace.

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