Flourishing in the Third Third of Life (V2)

By Mark D. Roberts

September 19, 2022

De Pree Journal
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What does it look like to flourish in the third third of life?

This six-session course will help participants understand how to flourish in the third third of life. Anchored in Scripture and enriched by science and other disciplines, this course will equip individuals to live faithfully and fruitfully and experience abundant and purposeful life in this season. Designed for groups and classes, but suitable for individual use as well, each session consists of a video lecture, questions for small group discussion, and resources for individual study and devotions.

Leader’s Kit

Participant Workbook




Course Overview

Session 1 | Flourishing
Session 2 | Relationships
Session 3 | Health
Session 4 | Remembering & Gratitude
Session 5 | Purpose & Calling
Session 6 | New Narratives

What People Are Saying About This Course

“The Flourishing in the Third Third course focuses on purposeful living as we age and offers practical ways to think about and plan for our participation in this stage of life. The Flourishing class led me to see new ways I can be part of God’s plan now. It helped me think more deeply about my choices in this stage of life.”  N.S. (woman in her 70s)

“The Third Third Course is unique, with its strong foundation of Scripture coupled with extensive research and supporting data.  This allows for the practical application of the principals learned to our third third lives.”  J.S. (man in his 60s)


How to Purchase This Course

Cost of course:

Leader’s Kit: $125

$125 for one Leader’s Kit. Includes access to course videos, one workbook, leader’s guide, materials for promotion of course. All materials are digital. You will need to purchase the Leader’s Kit only one time for your church. Once you own it, you can host the course multiple times for no additional cost (other than the participant workbooks for folks in the course).

Course Participant: $10.99

$10.99 per person for purchase of Participant Workbook – Workbook in PDF form includes lecture outlines, small group questions, personal study questions, devotions, and additional resources.

Course for Individual Use: $62.50

$62.50 per person (50% discount on Leader’s Kit). Includes access to course videos, one workbook, leader’s guide. All materials are digital. When you order, use discount code flourishsolo50.


Note: If your church would have difficulty paying for this course, please contact the De Pree Center to talk about scholarship options (connect@depree.org).

Purchasing the Course from the Fuller Equip Store

If you are buying this course for a group, you’ll need:

• The Leader’s Kit ($125 for one kit)
• Participant Workbooks ($10.99 for each participant). Note: You can always buy more workbooks later if you need them.

If you’re buying this course for yourself, you’ll need:

  • The Leader’s Kit for your individual use ($62.50 after 50% discount, which includes video access and one workbook).

You can buy both the Leader’s Kit and the Participant Workbooks from the Fuller Equip Store. See the links at the bottom of this page.

Purchasing this course through the Equip store requires following a few basic steps. The following video will help you with this process. Alternatively, you can follow the written instructions on our FAQ page.

Click here to view a brief video that explains how to purchase the Leader’s Kit & Participant Workbooks through the Equip online store.

Leader’s Kit

Participant Workbook



If you have any questions about this course, how to order it, how to use it, etc., please check ouf FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).

If you’re having problems with the Fuller Equip Store, please contact the folks at Fuller Equip by clicking here.


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